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Techniques Of Captive Management Of Tiger In Zoo Negara And Tarsus Zoo

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Tiger, a wild big cat family has been distributed throughout the world with different kinds of species. However, most tiger species have been threatened and exposed to high risk of extinction. According to Chundawat (2013), tigers are listed in IUCN red list as endangered species in 1980s due to their declining numbers that exist worldwide. Many efforts have been done to prevent them from extinction that is majorly due to mankind activities. One of the efforts is encouraging ex situ conservation that supports the in situ conservation. In ex situ conservation, tigers are taken out from their original habitat and locate them into new habitat that has similar environment to their original ...view middle of the document...

For food enrichment, tigers are given meat and carcasses as they are carnivorous animals (Malayan tiger, n.d). The meat are scattered around the enclosure in due to its feeding behaviour in chasing the prey. This can help tigers to run and exercising rather than they sit and sleep that cause boredom and stress. On the other hands, Harris and Amavisca (n.d.) stated that tigers live a solitary life which they like to live alone. Due to this type of living style, the tiger often mark their territory by scratching trees and also through urination. In Figure 2, tiger in Zoo Negara appears to be in a normal state as its scratching surround a tree that indicates its territory.
In terms of tigers’ health, there are some veterinary experts who are in charge in monitoring animals in Zoo Negara. There are also some volunteers who participate in cleaning as well as fixing this zoo in order to prevent diseases from occurring due to dirty place and at the same time to attract more visitors to come to the zoo with the hope that people are aware of these endangered species of animals.
Tarsus Zoo is one of the ex situ conservation that conserve tiger in Turkey. It is one of the sources that might attract foreigners to come visit Turkey. This zoo might help in giving awareness to people regarding endangered species that need to be saved.
However, there is no proper management is done in order to protect them in the zoo especially tigers. Based on Taheney (2013) findings, he found that animals that live in this zoo are kept in small concrete and metal cages as if like living in the dungeon. Tigers are living poorly in this zoo due...

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