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Ways To Do Conditioning For Basketball

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Basketball is a widely populated sport in today’s society since it was created in the late 1800s by Dr. James Naismith. Many fans enjoy playing basketball but most of them don’t thoroughly understand the process to get in shape to play. Basketball conditioning requires a lot of dedication and is very time consuming. It is a highly competitive and contact sport so being faster and stronger than the other guy can give you more advantages. Many ways to condition are by running, weight training in the gym, maintaining a healthy diet and working on your basketball skills. Following these steps will help you prepare for the basketball season and develop into a great ball player.
Running is the first step in becoming conditioned for the basketball season. As a basketball player, you are going to have to run up and down the court constantly so, it is important that you have high stamina. Long distance or timed running would be a great way for building stamina. Creating a daily running schedule is not a bad idea to keep you on track. Your schedule can start off by running laps around the gym for about 15-20 minutes. Next, run non-stop suicides in the gym for another 10-15 minutes. A suicide is when you start in one end and run up and down the court non-stop until you touch every line or increment in the gym. Finally, you should end the workout by running sprints for another 10 minutes. This is necessary because running non-stop forces your body to withstand all the pressure and it will build up your stamina. Also, running strengthens up your leg muscles so you will run faster and jump higher, which is crucial for basketball players. Running is the first of four steps that will help you prepare for the upcoming basketball season.
The second and most beneficial step in becoming conditioned for basketball is weight training in the gym. It is the most effective way for a basketball player to train because it helps you gain strength and become a lot more resistant to injury. At the beginning of the off-season, you can construct a routine that includes training every following day. However, it is important to rest in between workouts because you need time to recover from the soreness of the muscles. Exercising the same muscles everyday can be harmful and can actually increase your risk of injury. You should start off small and gradually increase the weight as the season goes on. Start out with push-up and sit-up muscles at first, then move on to light weights such as dumbbells and weighted ankle/wrist straps. Eventually, you...

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