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Techniques Utilized In Rational Emotive Behavior, Therapy (Rebt)

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is a therapy developed by Albert Ellis with the goal of helping client’s modify their self talk. (Smith, 2012) Self talk is intrapersonal communication that occurs within ones mind, disturbed behavior and unhappiness are the result of irrational self talk and is based on the way one reacts and interprets the various events in their lives. Thus, if a client interprets a given event negatively they will then start the negative self talk within their own mind which will then lead to negative responses.
REBT asserts that most of us subscribe to some if not all of the “11 irrational beliefs” which fuel our irrational self talk and negative responses to events. The 11 irrational beliefs are as follows: 1. that you need to have love and the approval of those that you love or admire; 2. the belief that you cannot fail at anything; 3. the idea that when someone else acts in a way that you find unacceptable you should damn them and see them as bad; 4. awfulizing, the idea that when something does not go the way you intended or thought it would go you have to see the situation as awful or terrible; 5. that we are unable to control or change how we feel about a situation due to external forces; 6. Catastrophizing- believing that when our life is not exactly the way we envisioned it is catastrophic; 7. a persons belief that it is safer to avoid the challenges of life rather than seek them out for fear of failure; 8. the irrational belief that you need to be dependant on someone other than yourself; 9. irrational belief that events in the past determine our future and will continue to do so; 10. The irrational idea of being highly upset over someone else’s problems; 11. lastly, the irrational belief that you must always be right or that there is a right or wrong to every problem or situation. (Smith, 2012) Utilizing REBT there are several different techniques that a counselor can utilize to assist their client in identifying their irrational thought process and changing their self talk.
REBT focuses on teaching the client how to identify their irrational beliefs and then dispute their irrational beliefs. One way that this is done is by ABC theory of emotional disturbances. Utilizing this theory one first looks at (A) the activating experience or event causing psychological distress, (B) their irrational beliefs about that experience or event and then (C) the emotional consequences. By looking at these three aspects the client can then dispute the irrational beliefs about an experience or event and develop new emotional consequences. Techniques that are utilized by REBT therapists to assist the client in identifying distorted thoughts...

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