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Technocrats Essay

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CJ 453: WK5 Writing Assignment: Technocrats 3CJ 453: WK5 Writing Assignment: Technocrats3 June, 2014AbstractThe United States and Canada have shared a long and friendly history together. Next door neighbors on a geographic scale, these two countries share one of the longest borders in the world. While this border is guarded at certain points, it does not have guards at every point, making it also one of the longest unguarded borders in the world. For most of their history together, the United States and Canada have had few, if any, problems concerning their shared border. However, the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States have complicated the border issues somewhat between the ...view middle of the document...

The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection will develop a plan to identify reasonable and achievable border wait-time service levels at major crossings. The thought process behind this approach was to not have any disruptions at the border crossings unless it was a dire emergency. Therefore, if there is a problem, agencies can tap into the wait management system to see if the border gates are moving efficiently or not. The theory is, as software and intelligence gets better over time, problems at the border will decrease (EAP, 2011).This new concept was implemented to identify risks before they cross the border. The approach to the enforcement concept, is the local people, including businesses, should be in compliance with basic border law, so the possibility of bad people getting through is mitigated.This new Smart Border concept will attempt to prevent criminals from crossing, than apprehend them once they do cross. The concept will use the already existing law within and throughout the country, not just at the border.The technocrats hope their opposition, the law enforcements view, implies tight controls that are intolerable, expensive and probably ineffective. In short, it would harm trade and this is unacceptable. Technocrats then want to target those areas, people and organizations, which are most likely to engage in criminal behavior. This requires, of course, a tremendous amount of cooperation among law enforcement bodies, and most importantly, intelligence organizations. It should also be clear, technology becomes the central ingredient here in figuring out who the risks are. Therefore, the technocratic idea requires substantial investment in both hardware and training (Alden, 2009).With this technocratic experimental concept, the number of US border agents was increased by 3,000. With the criminal activity increasing coming over from Canada, the Mexican border is already the site of substantial enforcement activities. Part of the idea was to synchronize the two countries' intelligence gathering methods in determining risks. Cooperation with the private sector was also crucial, since this approach wanted suspicious activity stopped long before it got to the border (Alden, 2009).This Smart Borders approach include more rigorous background checks, tightening up regulations for issuing visas and increasing surveillance in general. The traditional border patrol agencies saw their turf being...

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