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Technological Advancement In The Us Military

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Technological Advancement in the US Military

Since its declaration of independence from Great Britain, the United States has experienced wars of many different sorts. Each war introduced a new kind of warfare. The Revolutionary War introduced for the first time in American history, the idea of naval warfare. Ships were armed with dozens guns and carried several dozens of men. The musket, armed with its bayonet as well as the cannon proved to be worthy weaponry advancements in the infantry together with various pistols. The Civil War introduced the revolving pistol as well as the Gatling gun which enabled soldiers to produce rapid fire and destroy enemies in large quantities with a single round. New technological advancements in transportation such as the railroad, enabled large quantities of troops to travel to a given area in nearly half the amount of time. However, the turn of the twentieth introduced new technological advancements in the country as well as the military. This ignited a century of technological advancements in the military that has enabled the United States to excel in militaristic domination.

The first war to use significant technological advancement was World War I. Despite the introduction of trench warfare (in which troops dug bases many feet deep into the ground and fought only on the surface), the art of battle would forever be changed. There were many different types of weaponry advancements experienced in World War I. Machine guns were built twice more powerful than in the Civil War, firing up to 600 bullets a minute which was the equivalent of 250 riflemen. Artillery experienced a massive technological progression with the building of several thousands of powerful cannons with shells filled with tiny pellets that exploded deep into the ground. Gas grenades were introduced that caused blindness and destruction of the lungs of the enemies. The invention of the telephone and radios helped troops maintain contact with the military within the trenches. For the first time in world history tanks were introduced into warfare. These armored beasts carried several men, fired thousands of bullets and hundreds of shells. These provided massive means of destruction. The Navy experienced advancements in battleships carrying up to thousands of men and an almost infinite amount of ammo. The most important advancement of the navy however was the submarine which gave the Navy the power of stealth within the ocean. Airplanes were used in warfare for the first time in history as well. Although this was a new addition to the American war machine, large Bombers and Scout planes assisted in dominance as well.

As America progressed so did military advancement. By the time the United States entered World War II in the early 1940's, the military had undergone several technological advancements in many different areas of the army. The grenade was introduced, which aided the troops of the frontline in close combat as it created a small...

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