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How Internet And Cell Phones Distract Us

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In July of 2009, New York TImes reported an accident that involved a seventeen-year-old driver who was texting behind the wheel when the driver ran a red light, hitting another car which killed the person in that vehicle (“Texting Distractions”). A habit we have today is checking our phones as soon as they go off. We are not use to waiting to check our phones because we know we have instant access to anything we want. With smart phones, people are unaware of their surroundings. In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley envisioned a world that ends up like this.
The way people get information and give out information is through smart phones. In 1973, the first cell phone was created by a man named Marty Cooper (Lerner). The first cell phone was big is size and only urban areas could get service. By 2006, cell phones were pocket sized. About 90% of the world’s population had a cell phone in 2009 and still increasing today (Lerner). Cell phones changed from just being little flip phones to touch screen smart phones. People used cell phones to contact people to talk. That’s the only thing that cell phones then were capable of doing at the time. Whenever smarts phones came out, the definition of cell phones changed. Cell phones were now called smart phones. Smart phones were capable of calling, texting, taking pictures, and getting on the internet. With the advances of cell phones, people are connected to their phones. Without smart phones, people would be lost.
The internet was nonexistent until the computer was invented which was in the 1940’s (“Internet”). By then, the network was growing. In 1972, users created what we call electronic mail, or e-mails. In 1983 whenever TCP/IP was ready and finally adopted, the internet was finally created and known as the network of all networks. The internet is capable of allowing people to get news quicker and contacting people through social media. The internet can be accessed through a computer or through your smart phones (“Internet”).
Although the internet allows you to get information more quickly, it also puts you in danger. Nowadays, people understand technology and can hack people. With the internet, people can access social media that allows them to be social with other people. The internet is a popular place, not only for social media fans, but for hackers. When people sign in for a social media, they fill in questions and information about oneself that can reveal their identity. People can work their way around the internet system and can hack your social page. The internet is not a safe place. Even though it says the information that is entered is private, it’s not. Anyone capable of hacking can get your information which puts you in a great risk of danger.
Connecting to the internet through the computer is not the only way. Smart phones are another way. Connecting the internet through your phone can risk your life in the long run. Doctors believe that cancer is linked to cell phone radiation. Dr....

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