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I have experienced and learned many things about electronics since I was 12. My father taught me many things about electronic devices. When I was young, before the age of 12, I enjoyed observing my father as he worked on damaged electronic devices. As I got older, my curiosity became immense and I started to ask many questions.
At first, I got to unscrew the object with screwdrivers. In the article "How to Use a Screwdriver" by an eHow contributor instructed that rotating the screwdriver clockwise would insert the screw. If you rotate the screwdriver counter-clockwise it would remove the screw. I still remember how to insert and remove a screw with a screwdriver until this day. Then my ...view middle of the document...

Even though I don't know as much as an electronic engineer would, but at least I know how to fix simple electronics. Simple electronics are toys, flashlights, cables, headphones, computer mouse and many more that are used as an accessory. Complex electronics are TVs, computers, laptops and many other electronics that are made from complex designs.
My favorite was the big old Sony TV in the living room that broke down. My father fixed it so many times that it reached to the point where it wasn't worth trying to fix it anymore. The TV was so decrepit, that it would take an entire replacement to work. Instead of squandering resources on the TV, we got a new one.
When I reached my teen year, 13, my parents decided to get me a desktop computer. It wasn't one of those brand named desktops like HP, Dell, Asus, etc. It was a custom-built desktop computer that was bought at a local computer store. So one day my parents and I walked into the computer store and they had many computer components on display. I was intrigued and started to read the specifications on each one of them, even though I had no idea what they meant. Shortly after touring around the store, we got the computer and got out of there.
I took the necessary steps to learn how to use the computer by myself. It took some time and some poking here and there and I finally figured it out. Naturally I started to read the manual book that came with the computer. It was the manual for the circuit board that resided inside the case of the desktop. The circuit board is called the "Motherboard". It's the core component that brings all of the other components together and allowed them to interact with each other and to be used.
The computer also come with a manual. As I read the manual, I discovered many more different computer components. As I learned more about computers, I fell in love with computers. I wanted to be a computer engineer, so I started to research many varieties of computer components.
When the desktop began to fail and stopped working, I tried to fix it by getting new components and replacing them. My first trial on fixing the computer didn't go well. I felt lost and completely hopeless. I lacked experience and knowledge on how to handle the components. I overheated and damaged the CPU (Central Processing Unit) like John Sokol's podcast, "What happens when a CPU heatsink is removed," on Youtube. When the desktop is turned on, this component would reach over 100 degrees Celcius. The heat would solely destroy the component. Thus we need a heatsink on top of the CPU to reduce the heat by absorbing the heat through the heatsink and cool the heatsink with a heatsink fan.
I turned on my "fixed" computer that didn't have a heatsink installed. In three seconds, my computer shut down and smoke started to rise from the CPU. At that moment I freaked out and called for my father. He checked and told me that the CPU socket (a tightly secured mechanism for the CPU) got fried. That's why...

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