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Technological History Essay

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Throughout history there have been major advancements in nations and their cultures. Some of these nations fell after centuries of flourishing because of inventions that crumbled various empires. Advancements that have been thriving and changing include farming, housing, governments, and electronic interface. Technology advancements have played a major and vital in human life and the world as a whole.
Throughout the different centuries that nations and empires existed technology has expanded and improved. From the simplest tools for agricultural use to weapons of mass destruction, the various technologies have made drastic changes that had both negative and positive impacts on the world ...view middle of the document...
As time continued to move forward, so did technology and the improvements that came with it to extend the life of humanity. One of the most innovated, technological advancements that was ever made was electricity invented by Benjamin Franklin ( Electricity is now used in everyday consumption is now a part of life that has a great impact on how people interact with everyday situations. Some of the situations may include: charging various electronics, powering desktop computers, producing light, and so on (
As the years passed by, technology has grown, changed, and made life easier to live. A major benefit that technology provided was towards medicine that extended the life of an individual. Within today’s society technology provided a better opportunity to diagnose various symptoms within the human body to give a better solution or solutions to treat the disease. Some of the symptoms require antibiotics over a long period of time, while others need medication over a shorter period of time (,,
Another type of technology that has been around a long time is the various types of weaponry. The oldest type of weapon that is widely known is the club that was used by the first race of humans. From this type of weapon came other weapons like: swords, bows and arrows, shields, guns and bombs. Some of the weapons also use various types of antibiotics and medicine to create bioweapons that was used in the WW 1 and WW 2 (,
Technology is changing at various intervals that it is hard to say what to expect in the future with what technology will be made to provide and easier way to live. There are various types of articles and documents around the world in both physical book form and in the virtual world of the internet of what to expect. Some of the things are more accurate than others. One example of an accurate account is that...

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