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Technological Tools Available For The Kids

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Depending on how society uses contemporary technologies will determine whether or not the technologies are beneficial of hurtful. Contemporary technologies that are widely used such as the Internet and television are not fundamentally bad. The problem is the current application of the media is an obstruction to progress. In “The End of Solitude,” William Deresiewicz, argues that the contemporary self wants to be visible and that younger generations have undermined the significance and benefits of solitude (91). Comparably, Neil Postman’s, “Television as Teacher,” argues that television in the educational setting does not teach children to learn but rather it teaches them to expect education to be entertaining (421-430). Both of the authors argue that the dominant technologies of their time have negative cultural and social influences. The concerns that are raised not only question the impact of new media, but also what the influences mean for future generations. Contemporary technology is misunderstood, and if Americans start a conversation about suitable use younger generations will be inclined to use the technologies appropriately.
Throughout history, technological advances have given civilization the opportunity to revolutionize the way they learn and communicate. Postman mentions shifts in education over the course of history. He does this in order to explain to his audience that technology changes and civilization will adjust their lives according to technologies available. Postman states that these changes particularly the incorporation of television in the classroom, “has the power to control the time, attention, and cognitive habits of youth,” and as a consequence these changes have gained the power to control their education”(424). It is unsettling that when referring to fundamental changes in history, Postman used words such as change, radical transformation, and electronic revolution with a negative connotation and described the changes to be “the great crisis of Western Education ” (423). By assigning a negative undertone the evolution of education postman’s argument comes of as strict and unwavering. Change is beneficial and because of the technological evolution that has taken place over history, distance learning has become a popular way for people around the world to seek education in an alternative setting. Deresiewicz also refers to history, specifically the philosophical movements from Romanticism up to Postmodernism, and how the movements defined the desires of the self and solitude (92-94). Excessive Internet use and television being used as a supplemental tool in classrooms are just signs of the times. Society will always adapt to and integrate whatever technologies are available. Our attitudes and behaviors are currently undergoing a transformation and we are witnessing these transformations in real time on a much larger scale than ever before. It is imperative that society welcomes theses changes with an open mind in...

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