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Technological Warfare For Asymmetric Wars: New Means For Old Strategies?

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Since the beginning of the Humanity, Warfare means technological development. It is quite natural to figure what innovations could be done in the next years, in order to focus himself on the crucial areas which will be likely to enhance military power, sometimes involving changes in warfare.
Lt. Col. David Galula wrote about asymmetric wars, based on French deep experience in these field in Africa, especially in Algeria. He pointed out that winning new wars means transforming an army armed retaliation on civil-military cooperation to win both war and peace. A rebellion use indeed civilian society to protect itself. To seize the society support, they use any possible means, could it be ...view middle of the document...

The development of new technologies will soon symmetrize the warfare: a rebel will be as lethal as a trained soldier.
We will have to renew our approach of technology to optimize a technologic domination in the battlefield. Two assets may offer this opportunity. Integrate cyber warfare as part of army units. Develop a civilian-military cooperation, in short soft power, along with military power.
When Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui wrote ”Unrestricted Warfare” in 1999, they integrated to military power cyber warfare at a large scale. We assist now to a development in other countries of a similar power, even if we will have to merge it with our democratic set of values. The next step is to import this knowledge to the battlefield. The objective is to disrupt the information flow while maintaining its own.
We already have military units dispatched in the whole world to spy on telecommunication, websites, and other communication means. It is mainly a defense against warfare. But we have to go deeper, to disrupt these communications during offensive periods. This capacities will be highly sensitive, in term of law and secret. But it will also create great opportunities for armed force.
When Lt Col Galula wrote his famous book, Pacification in Algeria 1956-1958, he developed the exemple of Specialized...

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