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Technologies Are Destroying Intimacy Relationship Essay

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As technologies dynamic developing, human beings are losing intimacy relationships with their friends or families. Sherry Turkle, wrote the article “Alone Together”, believes that technology devices and new ways to connect with others make humans hard to have intimacy relationships with others. Technology devices help individuals easier to make connection with others nowadays. However, several hundred years before, on the time that individuals are difficult to connect with others, they have intimacy relationships. Therefore, Adam Gopnik, wrote the article “Bumping Into Mr.Ravioli”, points out that technologies change humans’ lifestyle and mainstream idea. Nowadays, people believe that busyness equals to success. People want to be succeeded; therefore they have no time to have intimacy relationships. By combining two articles’ ideas, it can point out that technologies help individuals easier to connect with others and have new lifestyle and ideas. These make individuals connect have intimacy relationships with others like several hundred years before.
Technologies help individuals easier to make connection with others but they are destroying individuals’ intimacy relationship. Several hundred years before, humans didn’t have cellphone, computer or car, but they have intimacy relationship with friends and family. In every culture, there had a story about a person was trying his or her best to save his or her close friends even sacrifice his or her own life. As the time goes on, people have built many new devices. They are helping people to easier connect with others. Gopnik writes that “It was trains and telegrams. The railroads ended isolation, and packed the metropolis with people whose work was defined by complicated network of social obligations”(157). Nowadays, individual can easy to connect with his or her old friends by a phone call or males new a connection by click add friend in Facebook. Individual has plenty of friends online, but he or she doesn’t know his or her neighbors’ name or his or her parents’ birthday date. People are lacking intimacy relationships now. Technologies bring new ways to connect with others. However, they also make humans lose focus in those seemed friends’ connections. Turkle wrote, “We imagine it (network) as expansive. But we are just as fond of its constraints. We celebrate its ‘weak ties,’ the bonds of acquaintance with people we may never meet. Bur that does not mean we prosper in them. We often find ourselves standing depleted in the hype”(274). People are having lots of new friends and “weak ties” with others. Humans are proud of these “weak ties”. However, it doesn’t bring anything to them. When they are alone,...

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