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Technologies In Schools. The Primary Reasons Why Public Education Must Change And Integrate Information Technology If It Is To Survive In The Future

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There are two primary reasons why public education must change and integrate information technology if it is to survive in the future. These two primary reasons could be the cost and the fight against the tax payers. The first is cost. If schools are to remain public then the public will decide, through taxes, how many resources the schools can have. The second is Tax payers. The tax payers all over the nation have been sending a very strong message that the schools are costing too much, while at the same time criticizing the public school system for not doing a good enough job.Our current system, where professional teachers deliver all of the educational experience from the isolated kingdom which is each classroom, is costing too much. Salaries are 80% to 90% of each school budget. This is at a salary level that does not attract people to the teaching profession for the money, or the prestige.Combining educational reform with technology can allow us to maximize the time and efforts of the good teachers. Teaching is interacting with students, not taking attendance or duplicating handouts. There could be many, less skilled, educational support jobs in the schools of the future (Layton 1).There is also a need to provide the teachers and students time together when and where it is most needed. Currently we have very rigidly structured school days. Often this rigid structure will interrupt a dynamic lesson, or leave a student with nothing to do while the rest of the class finishes. To maximize each student's time and each teacher's interactions with their students, we need a flexible, demand driven, schedule. Where each student can get her individual needs met while maximizing the efficient use of the teacher's time (Alcorn 1).As science has been discovering how the human mind works, we have learned a lot about learning. Expecting every student to respond equally to the same type of learning environment is not realistic. To achieve the best results it is necessary to create an individual curriculum for every student. In order to be able to even approach this goal the school will have to use technology to track each student's work, communicate with the teachers, parents and other students, and to assure that the student's work is evaluated and that the school is accountable to the community for the success of the student (Layton 1).There is also the possibility that technology will allow a single teacher to reach thousands of students around the world. This needs to be viewed very critically as human contact is still a necessity for a good learning environment, but the potential is there for distance learning to play a much greater role in the school of the future.Combine this with a system where the customer, students and parents, determine who teaches and how much they are compensated, and we could increase the effectiveness of our educational salary dollars.Schools are currently baby-sitting students while their parents are at work. If society...

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