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In the following paper I am going to attempt to discuss the hindering effects of technology. How technology affects the laziness of our children, desensitizes our otherwise compassionate human race, and may eventually lead us to our doom. Also in this paper I will attempt to discuss some benefits of modern technology as relating to family and communal prosperity. Since the invention of Eli Whitneys cotton gin back in the 1800s men have had their brains full steam ahead on the idea of technology and its advancement into our everyday lives. Leading us up to the present day where we can have a hot cooked neucro meal at the push of the button. Our music no longer has to be cranked by hand, in fact our latest CD players can hold up to a hundred CDs or more. So what's wrong with quick hot meals and hours of aural pleasure? To that I say nothing, but for example; weve come up with these microwaveable dinners full of long unpronounceable words, and we start to feed these to our children nightly. Then after dinner the kiddies get into their un-smoged turbo diesel Benz and pop a CD into the player then they crank the music up to 90db. Ten years from now your kid is going to be nothing but a def ball of preservatives. What I am getting at is this, the advancement of technology only leads to an escalation of our demands for more wants and needs. Example; Henry Ford makes a great car. Now-a-days we need a fast, fuel burning, back firing, confederate flag wavein, diesel truck. Ok so what about TV? Well, TV was a cool invention; then we got color TV, then a remote for the TV, next surround sound, VCRs, video games (more remotes), and finally today, what do we have? Epileptic Japanimation.

As I have pointed out, technology helps us, we need technology to get better, it does, and eventually we screw ourselves. As far as our modern conveniences go, such as TV and radio, they have both been around for some time now. Both were intended for better communication among our society. For example, President Roosevelt used to have fire side chats on the radio during the trying times of World War II. TV was a great advancement as far as putting the voices of power, such as the president, with their faces. TVs were also used to bring the family together for a late night show. In todays world all that seems to be on the popular radio stations is slang and a lot of bleeping. As for TV, I cant seem to get that footage of the World Trade Towers going down. Over and over again they show those clips, not thinking of the thousands of souls floating away at that very same moment. Children see this stuff and think nothing about the chaos. Even their cartoon characters have huge bombs, and kill each other. Now I don't know about you but I never saw Mickey kicking Donald's ass all over the TV when I was growing up. These kinds of shows have led to hours of programmable crap we feed to our children each day.

Still the communication benefits are there, but the...

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