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Drone Technology
Living in the digital age where we enjoy the various fruits of latest technological tools and advancements, then at the same time we cannot escape from their hidden or apparent harms. Also, it is a fact that some gadgets supported by these technological advancements are much capable to bring destruction and disaster then construction and convenience. The same goes for the Drone Technology which since past 200 years is being used to create turbulence at the global level. It has proved to be a powerful investigator and bomber at the same time. Drones are specifically associated with military actions and the countries having used them for surveillance purposes include UK, USA, Italy, Japan, Austria, Australia etc. The list of victim counties or nations is much bigger in contrast. Some prominent victims of Drone Air Strikes include Congo, Venice, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. However, it is also an undeniable fact that the massive production and usage of Drones got multiplied in the 21st century.
But it is also a fact that this century is also trying to use this UAV technology in a different perspective, away from war or destruction and is hoping to create a new series of real achievements by deploying it. Especially, it goes true for Business sector which can add quality service badge on its shoulder by using it in a way more productive, economic and fruitful for mutual benefits.

1. What is drone technology?

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS) are controlled via two ways which are by pilots from ground or by a self directed pre-programmed mission. Cole and Wright (2010) identify that having various types, drones basically meant to serves the following two purposes:

1. Surveillance / reconnaissance
2. Missiles/ bombs

Drones work through Arduino-based Ardu pilot (arducopter) which is considered to be the world number one autopilot which is purely meant to facilitate planes, ground rovers and multicopters of various types. Since the scientific application and implementation of Arducopter system is relatively low cost that is why, it’s becoming popular as investigated by Pearce (2013).

The name "Drone" sounds to some people just like the buzzing of bees or in technical terms the noise of machines in the air. In the sight of Military men, drone refers to the robotic aircraft of World War II (US produced 15000 small drones in this war at its Southern California plant to carry out its anti-aircraft practice. "The drone was a development of the BQM-24A jet-powered target drone.... One-third the size and one-twentieth the weight of a fighter, the jet powered drone could fly at high subsonic speeds." (Mahnken, 2013)

History of drones is quite old. It was for the first time used in 1800s when the Austrians made use of it via unmanned balloons to hit Venice. However, in 1900s the idea got familiarized when it started being used in military to train the pilots for target practicing. And in both the World Wars it emerged as a...

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