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personal values تيصخشنا ميقنا
Personal values are one of the most important things in our life. This Life as we know it now
wouldn't be possible without personal values that regulate it. Indeed, the more values a
person has the more respect and admiration she/he gets. For instance, people who value
hard-work often end up being the most successful. I have never known a person who works
hard and never succeeds in life. Likewise, honesty is another value that is key to success in
life. Honest people earn the trust and reliability of others. They are valued for their
honesty and truthfulness. Undoubtedly, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing
people with such values as honesty and hard-work. With these people one can establish
fruitful relationships that are to the advantage of everyone. True to say, honesty and
hard-work are two cornerstones for a good and successful life.
لوطأ عوضوم نع personal values
One of the major issues that has been the subject matter of many discussions these days
is the importance of personal values in our life. Some people think that personal values are
not as vital to life as the need to earn a living. These people value, above all, success in life
regardless of the means. In my view, personal values are the cornerstone for any enduring
and promising life. These personal values, as I see them, play determining roles in the way
we view the world and how the others view us.
To begin with, personal values are essential to our life. One point in favour of this is that
people who value personal values and implement them in their life usually have the
friendship and trust of other people. To illustrate to this, take a person who values
honesty and applies that in his/her life, people would
trust him/her and be willing to maintain a good relationship with him/her. I personally like
honest people and think they can make good headways in their lives thanks to their
honesty. In addition, honesty ensures self-esteem and pride of oneself. Since I have known
honest people in my life, they always show realistic and respected self-respect. Even as a
kid, I never felt right to lie to someone. Moreover, I never like other people to lie to me.
Another fundamental value in life is hard-work. I strongly believe that people who work are
very likely to reap the fruits of their work. As the American saying goes: hard-work pays
off. Indeed, hard work is the lifeblood of a successful life.
To conclude, and as the previously mentioned examples and cases show, honesty and hard-
work stand as two major personal values without which life would be the thing we see now.
Successful nations have worked hard and enough to develop. Now they are making
headways into their future. Likewise, honest people keep the secret of success in life.
With their honesty they are making strides to a more rewarding life.

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