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Technology, A Tool For Liberation Or Enslavement?

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In this day and age technology is an everyday aspect of most people’s lives, which many people view this as a great thing, but little do they know that the technology that they cherish so much can and in many cases is being used to control their lives. What people do not know is that the government is able to use the information they collect in any way they choose without any knowledge, with this power, comes a great responsibility. Foreign governments have tighter grasp on their country’s internet usage which some may see as an irresponsible use of this responsibility, which in turn enslaves their people by cutting them off from the outside world. The media also plays a large role in ...view middle of the document...

In extreme cases, technology can be used as a tool for enslaving society, but in less extreme cases it can be seen as a tool used to free it from many tasks, some as simple as talking to another human being, using the invention of smart phones and texting. One now can order almost anything with the mere click of a mouse, and can share new information in the blink of an eye, but who is this information being given to? Even with privacy policies, any information posted online can easily be shared without the original poster’s knowledge, which is a chilling thought. Access to new information and technology is controlled by the government as well; many “new” inventions are old news to the government and media, and some never given to the public at all.
Government control of technology and how it is used is an ordinary aspect of everyday life, but many will only think of far eastern countries such as North Korea or China when presented with the idea, when in reality it can be found all around the globe. In the news American’s are bombarded weekly with stories of newer, stricter regulations being placed upon foreign countries internet, some places going so far as to create their own monitored country-wide intranet, that they seem to forget that their internet usage and other technology is being monitored as well. It is much easier for the government here to keep up the illusion of total online freedom when the only news people hear of in regard to foreign internet control is the worst case scenario, because having any access to the internet at all is great when hit with the realization that some have none. In the book 1984, by George Orwell, the main character Winston’s whole life is controlled by telescreens placed throughout the country he lives in. If the people behind the screens believe that an individual is not working and living for the good of the party imprisonment is imminent. To prevent this from occurring, whenever Winston arrived at his house, he had to make sure that his face had the proper expression or the thought police would come. “He had set his features into the expression of quiet optimism which is advisable to wear when facing the telescreen” (Orwell 5). In this world, the thought police are an ever-present threat to the citizens; even the wrong facial expression could get them in trouble. In a government run by a controlling leader, violence is typically the key technique used to control people, but in a democracy violent tactics would not work, because anyone in a position of power can easily be removed. “Violence is to a dictatorship, what propaganda is to a democracy” (Deserano). In the era preceding the technological boom that started with the computer, it was easier to sense when one was being shown propaganda or anything meant to sway opinions, because it had to be physically given to the person. Now, with many people having regular internet access, the government’s job of spreading propaganda has become much easier,...

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