Technology Advances To Becoming A Paperless Society

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As the banking, communicating, and social networking industries are evolving and becoming more complex, the paper used has started to become more irrelevant (Kohl 5). The inventions that are being produced are making small impacts to reduce the use of paper. Every year technology is becoming more exciting and unpredictable (9). For instance, a library with no books, a computer the size of forty sheets of paper, and a cell phone that has equal abilities as a computer. People use the word technology lightly but do not realize how much it affects the way everyone lives and how extreme it has became (Lancaster 71). Albert Einstein says “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity (62).”
The life without technology is what some say simple but others say complicated, time consuming and unorganized (Marshall 23). The life was simple because they didn’t have to worry about material items such as keeping up with the latest technology and trends which make people avaricious (42). Although without technology there was not an accessible way for people to know the latest and important information such as the news, politics or even natural disasters (Murphy 102). Without knowing news the organization was a problem also. Originally information was on paper and to keep up with it whereabouts, it was filed in a cabinet (Wiese 21). The only problem is that there is a possibility of the paper getting wet, or someone else losing the information. Without the organization of computers files would always be lost or ruined particularly in file cabinets (22). The computer system works completely different. The information is filed on the computer and if deleted there is a recycle bin (21). The computer is virtually easier and more organized. The advances in technology have made life effortless as well as avaricious.
Writing letters use to be very popular in the 1900’s (Miller 36). Writers would have pen pals that they wrote back and forth monthly or even weekly (32). The epidemic of social networking has made writing letters unknown (Lancaster 76). In 2003 Myspace was launched and became the first well known social networking site to have millions of members until the launch of Facebook in 2004 (Miller 38). Facebook was originally for connecting college students but became huge when others found that they could contact out of town family members and friends (32). Facebook is now used for dating, gaming, networking, and also just for fun (31). Connecting with others has never been so convenient, Writing letters was fun at one point but now with social networking there is no need for that usage of paper.
Some say money make the world go around but the use money has changed. The banking industry has always had bank accounts and probably always will but the way we access them will constantly change. Usually to access money people use an automated teller machine (ATM), or a check. Nowadays we still use cash and credit cards but the paper...

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