Technology Against Progress Essay

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Have you ever wonder why you find yourself stuck in an electric breakdown not knowing what to do with your self? Or being compel to look your e-mail or Facebook account everyday day? You are not the only one, our society is depending on an omnipresent source of technology that is affecting every moment of our lives. We are using it as a way to deliver and receive information, to entertain ourselves and express our individuality. It has been growing exponentially since the dawn of time to fulfill humanity’s aspiration. Although, for the new generations, it as been affecting them negatively in crucial aspects of their lives.

The lack of physical activities is the number one cause of overweight and obesity for teenagers. Research as proved that, “For adolescents aged 12 to 17, increases in overweight and obesity rates over the past 25 years have been notable; the overweight or obesity rate of this age group more than doubled, and the obesity rate tripled” (Margot Shileds, 2008, p.2). Of course, technologies might not be the only source of this issue but consider this, “For children aged 6 to 11 and adolescents aged 12 to 17, the likelihood of being overweight or obese tends to rise as time spent watching TV, playing video games or using the computer increases”. (Margot Shileds, 2008, p.2). In addition, “According to research, playing video games accelerates the speed at which dopamine, believed “reinforce behavior that produces pleasure,” is produced. Addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroin cause the brain to produce more dopamine”(Murray McArthur, 2008, p.418). As you can see, entertainment have a price; not only adolescent spend more time in front of technology apparatuses but they can become strongly addicted to them.

The ability to socialize has been proven to decrease over the years and replaced by an intricate virtual society. Study and books have revealed interesting facts about socializing, we will look at one feature in particular: online dating. “In the first half of 2006, consumers, aged between 19 and 35, spent over $214 million for online dating services. This number is 76 percent higher than the same time last year”(Source: Online Publishers Association).People spent an increasing amount of time online trying to find their soulmate when they should get out and meet people that have the same hobbies instead of clicking the box on their online profile. Even as insignificant as texting with your cellphone the issue remain, even oversea, ”You can flirt there, arrange a date, break up and in Malaysia at least- even get a divorce”(Murray McGraph p.217). Spending time online can be useful but if we compare the pros and the cons, the cons are predominant. According to the paper done by Dr. Clifford Stoll (1999) , “He reports that research shows that a person’s depression level increases on average about one percent for every hour spent online per week and that his or her social circle shrinks by about four percent as he isolates...

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