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Technology And A Viable Energy Source

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Over the past one hundred years electricity has grown to become the sole driving force behind society. Increasing technological advancement and the growing availability of technology will require a viable energy source to meet the growing demand for power in the coming years. Our current primary source of energy is obtained from the combustion of Fossil fuels such as Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.
The effects of this are not only detrimental to the environment through the release of pollutants into the atmosphere but Fossil Fuel stores are being diminished fairly rapidly, due to the increase in fuel demand around the world, demonstrating that an alternative source of energy will be required. ...view middle of the document...

Nuclear power refers to the use of sustained nuclear fission to generate heat hence electricity. Nuclear power has the benefit of having no atmospheric pollution associated with power generation; the process relies on Fission reactions in which huge amounts of energy are collected from the decay of radioactive elements such as uranium 235 or plutonium.
The waste of fission reactors is accountable, greenhouse gasses are realized into atmosphere, as no combustion is required for production of energy, this suggests that Nuclear power generation has the potential to decrease in the global warming effect, and other atmospheric issues which are detrimental to the environment. Since nuclear power plants use so little fuel, the volume of nuclear waste is much smaller the volume of waste from fossil fuel power plants. Even though nuclear waste is highly radioactive, its small volume enables safe isolation from society. Although most countries have seen the pollution of oil spills and wastes such problems pale in insignificance in comparison to the radioactive waste hazard, a hazard that is the inevitable adjunct of an atomic power industry.

Since Hiroshima the term radioactivity has become a household word, the exploitation of context regarding the true nature of the hazard associated with nuclear power generation has been distorted instilling a public fear in all things nuclear.
It is understood that exposure to radiation can result in prolonged and unpleasant death through alpha, beta and gamma particles released from radioactive particles, these particles can result If living cells are exposed to nuclear radiation (alpha, beta, gamma x radiation or neutrons) the ionization they cause sets In motion chemical reactors inside living cells, this leads to chromosome mutation, inhabitation of mitosis in cells and thus overall impairment of the cell function.
To put this into context each and everyday human beings are bombarded with ionizing radiation from the sun.
Radioactivity and Waste storage and treatment facilities pose high cost operations and are not domestically available, with current technologies
Nuclear power plants have dangerously high radioactive levels. The radioactivity is entirely contained within the plant, but the possibility exists that some of it might leak to the outside environment during an accident. Over time, new designs, stricter regulations and better technology are reducing the risk of radioactive leaks.

An atomic energy facility with current technologies can be built with little to no risk to humans inhabiting the area, since the radiation provided from the fission process are able to be contained.
Although it is still a matter for argument the extent of effects posed by radiation but the technology to contain radiation levels is domestically available and provide support for nuclear power as a safe and accessible power source.

The efficiency of nuclear power generation is incomparable to any other domestically...

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