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Technology is a whole different world then what we know as human beings. The world changes to the new technology that comes out for use to use. These invent helps us do our job easier to do, and to make our work be more fence. All these wonderful technology we use today did not all come about at once. They slowly came about. Most of the technology we have to day came around in 1865 to the 1930.
Between the years of 1865 to 1869, two invent came around. They were the web offset printing, and barbed wire. Web offset printing came out first. William Bullock introduced the printing press. Printing press is the first printer that print on both side of the paper. Philadelphia Ledger was ...view middle of the document...

Which, he sold his prototype to Remington and Sons of Ilion, New York. With the typewriter around allow Mark Twain to write his first book. The typewriter allow people to write their own papers in a professional way. Next, year is 1874 was the structural steel bridge. The steel bridge was built by Captain James Buchanan Eads. Helping to people cross the Mississippi River at St. Louis.
1875, was the year the electric dental drill, and mimeograph. The electric dental drill is a major invent for health teeth. Allowing dentists to clean teeth, and do surgery more in fence. It was invent by George F. Green. He made the invention to help cut down on tooth decay. Other, invented that came around is the mimeograph. Was invent to help improve telegraphy tape. Thomas Alva Edison discover a way to make duplicate copies of the document instead.
Telephone, phonograph, and the incandescent light bulb is the last technology invention in the 1970s. The telephone create by Alexander Graham Bell. Allowing people to talk to other people around the world, or just cross town. Everyone in the world has a telephone. Phonograph was created in 1877 by a team of engineers in Menlo Park, New Jersey. Thomas Edison was the person who perfected the system of sound recording and transmission. Allowing people to record their person thoughts, and to record important information that need to be recalled in later time. 1879, the incandescent light bulb was created. Funds to make the light bulb came from J.P. Morgan and Vanderbilt’s. Allowing Thomas Edison to prefect the light bulb. Now, every home in American has a lamb that holds a light bulb, and every street lights have a light bulb in it.
Hearing aid, electric fan, skyscraper, Kodak camera, and the dishwasher came about between 1800 and 1889. The hearing aid was created by a man name R.G. Rhodes. The device was a thin sheet of hard rubber or cardboard placed against teeth. That, conducts vibrations to the auditory nerve. In 1882, a wonderful and very useful invent came out called the electric fan. Dr. Schuyler Skaats Wheeler the world a cooler place. Kodak camera was introduce by George Eastman, A hand held camera for portable uses. When you bought the camera it was already had film load in the camera. To develop the film you had to take the hold camera back to the store. The camera made it easier to share special moments with friends and family. Now, the magic of a dishwasher was built in 1889. Mrs. Cockran eases the kitchen work load. Cutting down the time it would take to wash dishes. Giving everyone who was dishes more time to spend with their love ones, and not having to worry about getting the dishes clean.
The 1900’s was the time for inventions to help make grooming easier, gave us a way to cool down, a way to get to different places in the world in a decent time frame, and way to occupied your free time. 1901, shaving came about. King Camp...

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