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Technology And Blended Learning Essay

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Technology and Learning
In today’s world, technology is everywhere. Children are exposed to technology basically at birth. It is common to see infants watching T.V or computer screens and babies playing with their parent’s cell phones or tablets. Teachers from preschool through college have started to incorporate technology into the daily learning agenda and they are seeing positive results. Schools are going as far as using computer based teaching applications a quarter of the school day to improve students learning. That is not the only way technology has assisted learning. There are many programs that teachers use to facilitate kids learning. Computers can help teachers make learning fun. There are many computer programs that teach lessons in the form of games which kids enjoy and encourages kids to want to learn. There are even computer programs like Rosetta Stone that can teach anyone, child or adult to speak an entire new language! Technology has really skyrocketed people’s ability to gain knowledge.
Schools are following a fast-accelerating trend called blended learning and this is where kids will spend a portion of their day engaging in technology (Halpert). Technology is not only in elementary schools, iPads and tablets are even incorporated into pre-school learning curriculum. Children as young as two and three are playing interactive games on tablets and iPads. At a very young age kids are being exposed to interactive learning and seem to be learning better because of it. Teachers have software that is able to demonstrate what area the child needs improving on whether it be vocabulary or critical thinking and provide the child with learning games or quizzes that are aimed to improve those fields (Roxby). The entire world is stepping into the new age of learning. The United Kingdom is more along the line and is taking advantage of using technology for learning more than the United States is. But when teachers were asked said that they believe technology does in fact help themselves and student succeed (Ross). Students do not only play games about counting and letters, there are programs that show how math can be incorporated into the design of skateboards; this shows kids where math and science meet with real world careers that they would never think of. The way technology really augments a students learning is by active, not passive, learning. Letting a kid be able to control their own learning pace is very exciting, giving kids an opportunity to work on the areas that they really need extra attention in (Halpert). Children are using these devices and teachers are taking advantage of programs that are boosting children’s ability to learn.
There aren’t only learning programs aimed at children there are also programs that help adults learn. People everywhere are trying to learn a language and the old fashion way is such a drag, going to classes, devoting years upon years to fully learn a language. There are programs that require one to...

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