Technology And Children Essay

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Technology plays a significant role in all aspects of American life today, a role that will continue to increase in the future. As technology becomes more advanced and easier to use, children will utilize it more and more. While there are tons of amazing benefits that technology brings, there are also a lot of drawbacks that should be considered when introducing children into our world of technology. Parents need to be extremely careful with limiting their children's exposure to cell phones, television, and computers to ensure their safety and health.As the years go by, cell phones are getting more and more popular with younger generations. When my parents were growing up, they didn't have the luxury of cell phones because technology wasn't as advanced as it is today. As the years go by, cell phones are getting more and more popular with younger generations. Over half of American teens now own cellular phones, making them the cell phone market's fastest growing demographic. Cell phone companies are widely marketing their advertising strategies to Generation Y with colorful interchangeable covers, fun musical rings, and cameras. They have become as much of a fashion accessory and social symbol as they are a communications tool. Cell phones became prevalent among my friends during our sophomore year of high school, but now, only four years later, children are getting cell phones at an even younger age. My aunt recently told me that she bought my twelve year old cousin a cell phone for her birthday. I looked at her with astonishment, and seeing that I was shocked, she explained to me that a lot of kids in her seventh grade class owned one. This completely amazed me, but there are a lot of reasons why they are becoming so popular. It is a lot easier for parents to keep up with their children, and it provides the convenience of not having to keep up with other parent's phone numbers and things of that sort. They offer added security and safety, and they are valuable in emergency situations, especially when teenagers start driving. But there are also a lot of drawbacks concerning children with cell phones. Researchers and experts have sketchy results regarding various health issues such as DNA damage, brain tumors, and leukemia, and since cell phones have not been widely used among children, there hasn't been a lot of research to show whether or not these problems could be more prevalent among them. Cell phones are also one of the major causes of teenage accidents, and some states have even made laws that prohibit teenagers from talking on the phone while driving in a worthless attempt to make the roads safer. Teenagers are amateur drivers who don't need additional distractions to endanger them on the road. School boards have reviewed and adjusted policies regarding cell phones in school, and most schools allow students to have them as long as they don't disrupt class. These policies should not be as relaxed since cell phones have no educational value,...

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