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Technology is used throughout the United States, whether it is good or a bad thing we all have our own point of view. Technology may be easier and faster, but reduces the employment rate, makes Americans to less likely find a job, unemployment rates go down with technology but makes education not worth it, and makes American’s anti-social when it comes to the social work force. Technology does have their pros to it, but it can only go so far without needing a person’s help. Technology can help the productivity go up.
Technology can produce more products to the employers, and can work faster than average American’s. Many employers that choose technology want to increase their sales and outcome on a product, or company, such as airlines using electronically ticketing so people board faster, ATM machines so people can access their accounts faster, and self-checkout at grocery stores so customers can get in and out of the store without a hassle (New York Times). In some technology, it can get Americans a job without schooling, whether it is just pushing a button and telling machines what to do, or working in factories, they still employ American’s. Furthermore, technology makes companies have an easier way to contact other stores whether it is via email and other technological ways. It saves time and will get a response faster. If a company is worldwide, it makes business owners jobs easier, so when employers need to contact other stores though out the United States it gets to the other store faster and easier. Although technology can work rapidly it leaves Americans without a chance to get a job in this economy. Technology makes employers lazier, instead of hiring an American to learn the job they use computers and other technology to save the time. Over the past 50 years, technology has drastically reduced the number of jobs in manufacturing (Judith Ausuebe). Business owners don’t want to take time to teach them rather than telling the computer what to do and the computer can do it immediately. Technology reduces the jobs and careers in America; it increases in the demand for unskilled workers and a decrease in the demand for skilled workers. Let alone business owners using technology to communicate locks associates out of the outside social world, with ATM machines, self-checkout, and auto ticket machines. With technology removing the social part of human contact it motivation Albertson’s decision last year to take all of the self-checkout lanes out of its stores: an eerie lack of human contact (Melissa Nilles). When businesses only contact electronically it takes out the personal matter and makes it less physical and anti-social. Whether it is bagging groceries or scanning tickets people are still in contact with other people and are still employed.
There are over three billion people in America and only 2.68 million people have jobs. With the use of technology and replacing employers with computers it leaves Americans without a job....

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