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Technology And Its Effect On Poverty In Pygmalion

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Due to rapid advancement in technology, it makes great impact on many fields and helps to improve the standard of living. Undoubtedly, technology can make eradicate the bad effects of poverty and can improve the lives of poor. Poverty is the most difficult way of living. It makes the life of humans very pathetic and pitiful. Life in poverty leads the poor to struggle from day to day. If such poor person has given an opportunity to make changes in lives, he or she will try to utilize the opportunity to bring change to his or her life. “Pygmalion,” a movie based on Bernard Shaw’s play, is about the life of a poor, young flower girl who has been overlooked and disrespected because of her low ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Pearce helps Eliza to use shower, soap, and towels in bathroom, which Eliza did not even see previously. Everyone is astonished when Eliza comes in, pretty and clean in a blue kimono. Even her father, Doolittle, could not recognize her. Her father, Doolittle, comments, “I never thought she’d clean up as good looking as that, Governor (Pygmalion 283). It proves that one’s cleanliness and appearance help to show poor as rich and modest.
Besides cleanliness, Higgins wants Liza to wear fashionable dresses that will give her a rich look and transform from her old way of living as a poor. Therefore, he ordered, “Take off all her clothes and burn them. Ring up Whiteley or somebody for new one” (Pygmalion 76). As Huxley rightly says, “Unfashionableness was once a stigma hardly less damning, as a symbol of inferiority, than dirt” (Hyperion to a Satyr, 3). It is more important to be updated according to the changes in the fashion in the society. As a poor girl, Eliza wears very cheap and unfashionable clothes. To become a proper woman, she has to adopt the new fashion in her way of dressing. When she starts wearing fashionable clothes, people around astonish and wonder at her transformation. The fashion has made her father to see her as Governor who usually calls her swine. This shows that she looks like a high-class, rich girl in fashion dresses. Huxley words will better interpret the concept of wearing clean clothes: “A man’s clothes are his most immediately perceptible attribute” (Hyperion to a Satyr, 2). Thus, technology of wearing fashionable dresses helps Eliza to reduce the effect of poverty and get identity as a woman in the high-class society.
Higgins’ linguistic techniques and teaching method are the most prominent technology that improves the accent and language skill of the cockney girl. Higgins uses language as a tool to transform a poor into a duchess because there is a...

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