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Technology And Its Evolution: A Brief Summary

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From a kid paying a DDoSer to shut down a business’s website, to an expert hacker coding a robot uprising, it only takes one person to ruin technology for everyone else. Does that mean technology is bad? Of course not! That would not be the logical thing to do. There will always be a bad apple in the bunch to try to mess things up, but they need to be punished and have the technology improved.
In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury approaches the effects of technology in his novel by talking about the wonders of technology and all it can do to make life easier. But Bradbury also warns mankind about how easily it can become overwhelming. "’Will you turn the parlour off?’ he asked. ‘That's my family.’" (Bradbury, 48-49) This is a perfect example of technology gone too far. If people find themselves thinking that technology is as human as actual human beings, then it needs to be fix immediately, because the fact is, it’s not. Technology can start as just something to make a task easier. But it might then slowly grow to the point of where it is controlling our lives and governing how we live them. "All of those chemical balances and percentages on all of us here in the house are recorded in the master file downstairs. It would be easy for someone to set up a partial combination on the Hound's ‘memory,’ a touch of amino acids, perhaps. That would account for what the animal did just now. Reacted toward me." (Bradbury, 26-27) In the novel, technology is so advanced it has the power of human emotion. I don’t think he thought it was a bad thing, but he thought we should not let it reach that point. If we closely watch the progress of technology and make sure to spot any parts of it that might go too far, it can be the best thing that ever happened to humans and help mankind to thrive as a species.
The telephone is a technology that was used before the year 2000. Its purpose was to allow two individuals to communicate from long distances. It used cell phone towers to bounce the verbal information from the phone, to it, then to the receiving phone(s). Some challenges that arose because of this new technology where that people did not use it for a long time. But when people realized its full capability it was quickly picked up as a household necessity. The telephone had a lot to offer to consumers, it could connect you with the neighborhood from home, call for emergency help, or just to keep in touch with someone on vacation or an old friend that move towns! “What was surprising, at least to most adults, was how little the teens used them as phones. The teens I observed were … texting frantically while trying to find one another in the crowd. Once they connected, the texting often stopped.” This technology did allow for ease of access to others, but some think the consumer telephone has pushed people farther than ever from each other. “Teens are passionate about finding their place in society. What is different as a result of social media is that teens’ perennial...

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