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Technology And Its Negative Impact On Humans

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Technology and Its Negative Impact on Human
In today’s life, technologies are rapidly growing day by day. Today’s life is like a race. People, who can adapt new technologies very fast, can go ahead in their lives. Otherwise, they would always be behind in life race. People can’t imagine their life without technologies, and various technologies are helping people to live their life with more luxury. New technologies have several positive aspects on human. First, technology makes people life easier. For example, car and bike help people to reach quickly, and airplanes and trains help to reduce distance between two cities and countries. Second, technology help people to do work perfectly, and it also help people to save time. Today’s people are immersed in new technologies and got instant gratification. Do those new technologies only have positive aspects on human? I believe that the growth of new technology also has negative influences on today’s people because it makes people less intelligence, makes people less productive and creative, and detaches from reality.
The growth of technology makes people less intelligence. Because of various technology around us, people do not use their mind and memory to do tasks. For example, people use calculator to solve even simple problems because it simply requires less effort than doing it themselves. People can solve more and more complicated mathematical problems by using calculators. For me, I even do not know simple equations and can’t solve equations and mathematical problems without calculators. Another negative aspect of technology is that people never try to remember things and never use their mind enough to do tasks. To keep healthy mind, we need to use our mind by trying to remember things and doing complicated problems ourselves. It also makes us intelligent, but almost everything, we need, can be found on Google and other websites. People simply go to online and find out what they need. For example, some students go to internet to do their homework and other assignments. Online sites help students to do assignments without reading entire chapters and books, and they even do not use their mind and depend on internet. Sometime, they put phones beneath the desk to cheat during exam time. Those technologies provide short term benefits for people, but people would be unable to perform basic tasks and operations in the future.
Depending on technology makes people less productivity and creativity. In today’s life, people depend 100 percent on...

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