Technology And Its Negative Impact On Us

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Today you can’t walk into a restaurant without seeing someone using a cell phone, laptop or some other form of technology. Most people do this without thinking anything about it and the negative impact that follows. Yes, some use of technology is okay but most people go overboard. This is causing some people to be less active than they should be, which can lead to obesity. While others are having less physical communication with each other.
This new craze for technology is causing some people to forget what actual exercise is, therefore causing them to become overweight and obese. Some people won’t play sports like hockey, soccer and baseball because they would take place at the same time as their favourite television show. Sadly, this is becoming more important than exercise leading to weight gain and obesity. Children need an hour of physical activity a day, but technology is making this a thing of the past. People are becoming ...view middle of the document...

They are no longer getting together and hanging out. This drastically decreases their person to person social skills like those that they would get from going places like youth groups or participating in team sports where they can talk to and meet new people. Instead they stay at home texting their friends and watching television. If these people woke up and "saw the sunshine", they would not only be able to socialize with their friends, but meet new ones! To me this would be more fun and interesting than sitting at home watching television. If people would begin to realize that technology is taking over their lives, they may begin to appreciate the physical contact they have with other people. When people talk to each other through text messages and social media they have a greater chance of misinterpreting the persons they're talking to. If someone was to say," Hey, I'm beginning to think I'm fat, what do you think?" The other person might respond with something like this," Ya man you're so fat." This person was likely meaning to be sarcastic, however, the sarcasm was lost through the conversation since these people weren't talking face-to-face. When communicating face-to-face they would be able to read each other's body language and hear the changes of tone in their voice. This would allow them to know the person was talking with sarcasm. The lack of physical communication really prevents people from fully understanding each other, leading to the loss of long time friends and break-ups among couples.
The huge craving for technology has most of society forgetting about exercise and physical activity, leading to obesity and other medical issues. It is also causing less physical contact between people, due to the easy access of technology. Most people use technology without ever thinking of the negative effects, which is wrong. So the next time you have the urge to pick up your cell phone and text your friend, remember it would be better to go to that person’s house instead. If you get the chance to go out with friends to an event, go! Take the opportunity to be active and communicate face-to-face because it will benefit you as much, if not more, than sitting at home using technology.

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