Technology And Mass Communnication Essay

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To live in a world where there is no means of using technology and having no system of communication, it’s an ideal for some of us people to think about. Which in this case, that means that there won’t be an information being exchange; communication between family, important information that government put up on the internet, and what is happening around the world, no Facebook, video games, cellphones, computers, cars, or even military weapons for the military or even tools. Almost everyone around the world have some sort of technology that they can use or can access to. The role of technology is significant tool since the Paleolithic Era, when Stone Age man started using rocks ...view middle of the document...

Especially the most important technology, is the use and having access of internet. On the internet there so much information that you can get, one of the fear that the nations face. One perfect example is this unknown group called Anonymous, which they were able to break in into the government computer and release secret information to the public. It giving the news reporter something to talk about and a headline to their newspaper. Putin, Russian president, fears that the internet is C.I.A project because over the course year there was a major crackdown of mass communication by government. (LIPMAN, 2014) The internet is a network where free exchange of information can uploaded to, so that the public can get their hands on. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Well there can be court rulings, and the alternative way to block the website and any bloggers that is consider to follow the government information. The internet is a network that can’t be dependable or to be trusted. It reduces the privacy if you upload to the internet. Someone out there will get their hands on it. Your information is not safe in the cyber world. Next issue that the nation face is that everyone is using technology...

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