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Technology And Security In Africa Essay

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Security and Technology in Africa
Technology is the improving of tools, machined, systems, gadgets and organization methods to provide solution to a problem to achieve a desire or better ultimatum. Examples include the advancement of the call box to emergence of smart phones in this digital era.
Security on the other hand is protection from harm and destruction. Security applies to vulnerable and valuable assets. These could be people, property, organization or a country. Security is a form of protection where a barrier exists between the assets and the threat.
Security and technology has over the years been overlooked by several African governments till recent years where we see African ...view middle of the document...

Technology has opened the world to the advantage of the society at large. Nevertheless this openness may have unintended outcomes. Looking again at the Westgate Mall siege in Kenya, the lethal innovation was the way that the attackers used modern technology. They communicated via smart phones and satellite phones for communication.
In the digital world where in cyberspace we come across insecurity in hacking, fraud and identity theft. Several other insecurities such as sexual harassment of minors also occur in cyberspace. Cybercrime causes immeasurable losses to institutions such as banks and insurance companies. As technology advances we must develop innovative ways to keep cyberspace secure and safe.
Another area that has always been swept under the rug is food security. Food security is when all people, at all the time, have physical and economic access to enough and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food choices for a healthy life. In Africa we have arable land that is underutilized leading to food insecurity. Several African...

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