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Technology And The Classroom Essay

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In today’s world the integration of technology in education is no longer a new fad. Over the course of the last decade technology has arguably become an integral part of society and found its way into the education system it what seems like a variety of ways. The use of technology within the classroom has moved from the basic computer or TV in the classroom, to a wide spread range of devices, such SmartBoards, iPads, and even software programs. Educators all over have begun to embrace these devices, and their benefits to everyday lessons and activities. With this in mind, I would like to focus on a few of the most popular devices that are being used today, how they have come about, their benefits, as well as summary information from an actual interview with a current educator.
Technology in the classroom has quickly become the supposed magic bullet in today’s educational world. The one thing that will solve all our teaching problems. It is also the one thing that seems to be constantly evolving, with every year, every week, and as of late what seems like every hour. In recent years, one of the most popular products of the expanding technological world that is enjoying wide spread use in the classroom is the SmartBoard. It has come to replace the use of whiteboards, projectors, and TVs which have commonly been used in the past. The SmartBoard, is in essence “a special type of interactive touch sensitive whiteboard that can be used to collaborate and communicate with students in the classroom, with faculty or staff in conferences [and so on…]”("Smartboard,"). It was first introduced in 1991 by SMART Technologies, and has since been adapted into many series such as the 800 series or the more cost effective 400 series. As you can guess, teaching has been recognized as their main use for it’s ability to perform so many different functions. First, and foremost, the SmartBoard is a great addition to the classroom setting because they are generally cost effective. Purchase and installations usually “cost under $5000, depending on size and features”(Preston & Mowbray). There software is also free and can be installed on any computer. That being said, once you have the board, they are an amazing tool when it comes to lesson introductions, and determining children prior knowledge and understanding about topics. For example, “in [an] activity children [can] sort Living and Non Living things into groups”, to best see what they already know (Preston & Mowbray). SmartBoards as the educator I interviewed said “are also great because you can combine whiteboard use, computer, and TV use all in one, allowing teacher to not only have a go to place for teaching” (C. Apaas, personal communication, April 3, 2014), but also for giving students the ability to advance their own skills of working with new technological world.
Following the use of the SmartBoard in the classroom, two other emerging tools that often go hand in hand, that are beginning to make their way...

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