A History Of Technology And The Inevitable Effects It's Had On How We Do Things

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The drive to survive has been with humans since man first walked the planet. Man started off using caves and fire as a couple of the few essentials of living. As our race grew, so did humans resources. With the power of the human brain the potential growth in technology is unlimited and because of this, men have evolved to become the most intelligent and fierce living things on the planet. Year after year, inventions are made to make the everyday hard task easy. Creating a stable living condition is no longer a struggle, but have advancements in technology actually caused mankind to become dependent upon its abilities and comforts? Examples of technology range from tools of transportation to communication, and to even socialization. The invention of the train helped transport people and goods. The creation of the telegraph helped to communicate across a distance. The development of military weapons helps defend the American people, but what importance does social media hold? In modern society, social media is all over the news, but for multiple reasons. Yes websites like Facebook and Twitter help advertising, publicizing, and socializing, but social media has also been reported to destroy the true nature of human beings. Crucial human skills like face to face communication and imperative stimuli development are being delayed due to the lust for social networks. Where would the reliance on technology lead America if all of the technology were suddenly wiped out? Americans have become so comfortable with the luxuries of technology that, as a nation, the United States of America has become dependent on them, affecting the natural instincts of humans and the nations survival.
Electrical power was one of the first forms of technology, causing a huge transition from industrial machinery to the electrical devices. Now almost all source of power is derived from batteries or electricity. Technology in the past 20 years has exploded, being the baby boom of technology, and the development is not slowing down. Once computers hit the market in the late 1970’s, almost every manual task was replaced with computer technology. Hand written letters, Yellow Pages, and street

maps have all been replaced by the conveniency of machinery. There are emails, contact lists, and GPS’s that have made once common and accepted inconveniences disappear. Even cars are now more than just engines made out of metal. Vehicles have been enhanced to the point where the cost of one is more than a house due to the electrical capabilities. Almost everything in the country [America] is accompanied by some sort of computer programing. Bicycles now have speedometers, pens project keyboards, and shoes can now track how long a person has run for. New technology is all around the human population to make lives easier, but what happens when the advancements are abused and then expected in everyday life? Computers, cell phones, video games, and social medias are now a part of human culture,...

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