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Is Google Making Us Stupid? Written by Nicholas Carr, and Ray Kurzweil who is featured in the Singularity video have offered the human population many pieces of valid information in regards to the pros and cons of advanced technology which is coming sooner than we think. The understanding of each source is an important component for the future of our world. The reprogramming of our brains by the constant use of computers, and how artificial intelligence, with an expected date of 2045 according to Ray Kurzweil will surpass the human brain and the organic piece of humanity will no longer be at the top of the food chain. Scary thought indeed!
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The thought of even stepping into a library is unheard of. Researching on the web provides fast information and has caused society to become in such a rush to get from point a too point b. No time to stop and smell the roses.
However, I am guilty at times of using Google, but I do prefer the atmosphere of a library. I’m sure there are others who share this opinion- I hope. I have covered some of the cons of technology, but what about the positive attributes? Ray Kurzweil comments on possible cures for diseases, longevity of life, and my favorite to decrease the aging process. That would be awesome! However, the fear of biological warfare exits also with technology. So is there really positive points to artificial intelligence or am I just cynical when it comes to technology. I guess I cannot imagine life without emotions. To never feel joy, excitement, sadness, and a tear flowing down a flushed cheek. The world has the potential to become emotionless and hollow. If more people are not informed about this information what may come of the planet or is it inevitable?
If we look at the past up until the present day we have already come so far with technology. The use of MRI’s, three and four-d imaging of ultrasound to view issues of little tiny babies in a mother’s womb. This part of technology which is used for the greater good is amazing and I have no qualms about it. The unfortunate part of humanity is that there is always good and evil. Is this process for the good of man? I think not. I believe we are biting off more than we can chew and when 2045 rolls around we may be a sorry population.
I agree with the media theorist Marshall McLuhan statement which was pointed out in the 1960s in the Google article, “Media are not just passive channels of information. They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation.” The need for speed. I can see this need for speed in Logan, at dinnertime he is sitting half way on his chair waiting to get back to his friends from around the world on X-box. I am not a big fan of video games, but I do appreciate the opportunity for him to meet other young children from around the world. I guess I can consider his friends a sort of pen-pal,...

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