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Technology And War Fare Essay

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As technology progresses, so does warfare. We first saw the new dangers of modern weapons in World War One, with the introduction of chemical weapons. Then, in World War Two, we developed nuclear weapons that would destroy two entire cities. Today, in the war on terror, the United States has developed military drones to kill terrorists without putting our soldiers in danger. These weapons of mass destruction violate human rights because they cause many civilian casualties, put people through great physical suffering, and do not allow for a trial before execution causing many people to die unjustly. They can and are used to quickly slaughter many people at once, including innocent civilians ...view middle of the document...

This is an extreme violation of human rights because it doesn’t allow for a trial to prove that these people are, in fact, innocent. Without a trial, many innocent men are being slaughtered every year in Pakistan without any warning or understanding. It would be as if the police came ramming through your door one day, arresting for no reason without telling you why and then executing you. We should not go out killing terrorists by launching highly destructive bombs into neighborhoods of normal, innocent people, just to kill a few terrorists. In the book, Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, it tells the story of a drone strike that killed two children. The missile was launched aimed at a group of insurgents around a truck. Just after the missile was launched, two children came into view riding on bikes. “Mesmerized by approaching calamity, we could only stare in abject horror as the silent missile bore down upon them out of the sky... After the screens cleared, I saw the bicycle blown twenty feet away.” (Benjamin) Another story tells of two citizens, one from New Zealand and one from Australia, who were killed in collateral damage from a drone strike in Yemen. The men were killed along with three Al-Qaeda operatives. This shows that not only are innocent civilians from just the targeted country are being killed, but people from around the world have lost their lives to drones. There is a large misconception drones are a precise and effective weapon to take out specific individuals. This is not the case. Many innocent victims of these drone strikes have told their story for the world to hear, yet no one seems to be listening. A website dedicated to victim stories gives a look into the lives of everyday people who are affected by the drone strikes. A boy named Adil Hashmi’s house was destroyed in a drone strike. Tahir Afzal’s brother was killed in a drone strike. Waleed Shiraz was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in political science and was taking many foreign language courses before he was severely disabled in a drone strike. Dawood Ishaq’s, a father of four and a vegetable merchant car was blown up while he was on his way to a chromite farm. (Living Under Drones) This is just a glimpse into the lives of those who are greatly suffering in Pakistan due to the use of UAVs. Not only are they killing and permanently disabling many people, but the collateral damage from the drone strikes cause severe damage to buildings and homes, completely destroying families houses and lives. Not only is it harming the people of Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries, but it is very mentally damaging to the “pilots” who control the drones from across the world. Many suffer from PTSD knowing how many innocent lives they have ruined and what they had to witness. It is extremely hard for them to go on with their lives knowing hundreds have died by their hands while they sit safely in a military base nowhere near danger. For other “pilots” the use of drones has...

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