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Technology And Warfare Essay

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Technology and Warfare

It wasn’t long ago when America was fighting in World War I and World War II. Most, if not all of us, have heard stories of the horror of warfare and the life that a soldier was forced to live. Saving Private Ryan, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, portrayed life during World War II. It focused on life and battles in Europe, but also portrayed the feelings of families that had sons or fathers fighting overseas. Saving Private Ryan also allows us a glimpse at some of the weapons that were used during World War II. American B-17Flying Fortress bombers and British Spitfire IA’s were the planes of choice for the allied forces during the war (Hansen). Tanks, German U-boats, and some of the first United States submarines were also used during World War II. There were also weapons that were specifically for close range war, weapons that soldiers would carry around. Some of these include machine guns and pistols, as well as flamethrowers and grenades. But now, all of this has changed. Today wars are rarely fought on the ground. If they are it is only for a short period of time. Soldiers may go in after planes have bombed the major targets from above to go through the rubble and search for clues about the enemy. Due to the continued advance of technology, weapons are becoming more destructive and harder to track. Recent developments in technology have affected every area of life, but perhaps the area that has been affected the most is warfare. The way wars are fought both now and in the future and the weapons that are used have greatly changed since America's last major military crisis.

Impact of Technology on Warfare

Many things have changed since America’s involvement in World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War took place over thirty-five years ago, and since then America has been involved in very few major military campaigns. (Some of these campaigns include Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and currently Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.) Although America has been fortunate to endure a time of great peace and prosperity that does not mean that the American government is no longer concerned with warfare and the continued development of new products and ideas.

One of these new ideas is that of a “bunker buster.” The “bunker buster” would be a bomb that would be used to cause damage to areas that are as much as three hundred feet below the surface of the earth. The bomb, weighing close to five thousand pounds or two and a half tons, would hit the ground and following the impact rockets on its tail would be used to propel it seventy to three hundred feet into the ground. After the bomb had reached its depth, an explosion would be set off using a time-delayed sensor. Accompanying this explosion would be some sort nuclear fallout below the surface of the earth. One of several problems with the proposed “bunker buster” idea is that...

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