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Technology And Written English Essay

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How technology is changing written English

The subject of how technology is changing written English is a touchy subject; many people believe that our current technology is allowing us to become lazy. Text messaging being the ultimate reason we are taking so many short cuts when it comes to writing proper English. There are so many abbreviated words and meanings in text messaging, I sometimes find myself confused when I receive messages from people that I have to google what they are trying to say. I don’t want to respond and assume I know what they are trying say.

In the article” Is Texting Killing the English Language?” from TIME, they start the article off with one critic referring to ...view middle of the document...

The inventions of Kindle, Nooks, I Pad, and Android tables has allowed for us to have stories, articles and anything else you can imagine right at your fingertips. The days of research at the library for days and weeks are over. Everything you could ever need is just a click away. If you need to spell check your work you click a button. Translate any language in to another there are applications that will do it all for you. Thesaurus or dictionaries no need to store multiple books to make sure you are correct again they are right at your fingertips. Technology is helping the written language; it makes it so simple to have what you need when you need it with a few clicks on a key pad. Growing up now for our youth allows so much more opportunities then in the past. Technology will help them with their school work and allow them to have a brighter future for it is all at their fingertips.

The written and spoken English is constantly evolving. In the article “How Social Media Is Changing the English Language (and Why It Matters to Marketers)” written by Alex Brown. It speaks of the constant change in our language and how technology helps keep us current. Without technology it would be difficult to stay current with the evolving English. With all of the social media sites that are popping up there are also new word that go along with them. It is important that we understand what we are reading and at one point going to be writing. We need to embrace what technology is bringing to our written language. Collins Dictionary is inviting English speakers from around the globe to suggest word they think should be in dictionary on their website Collins Dictionary also uses crowdsourcing to capture a wider range of new suggested words. That allows them to match the pace of the culture, allowing them to creating new words as they arise. They subject each word to a rigorous vetting process allowing them to stay credible and current at the same time.

Our written and spoken language is constantly changing. I feel we must evolve with it and embrace it. If we don’t we will be left out in the dark. I don’t feel that texting with abbreviated words or symbols are going to hinder the way we write. It just allows for us to make a statement or comment quickly...

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