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Technology Assesment Commercial Drones Essay

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When we think about the drones we always associated them with dirty works where humans don’t have to get their hands dirty . But in reality we can also use drones at many other places .For example we can use delivery drones to deliver stuff . Drones that are used for commercial purposes are called the commercial drones. Commercial drones are same as drones but they are smaller in the size. Commercial Drones are usually controlled by the user who can set the speed and height ,when drones take off. Delivery drones can handle up to -115 to 122 degree temperature and handle up to 40 mile per hour wind. Commercial drones are used for multiple purposes . One of their major purposes is to ...view middle of the document...

The usage of commercial drones will definitely save more lives .It will also improve the relationship between the customer and business via quicker delivery.
The usage of commercial Drones will definitely benefit the business but it will also take away jobs from the humans . Loss of jobs can actually effect the people way of living and can create to protest against the usage of the drones. Also the cost of the commercial drones will also be impeded on the people via the prices of the item. So it could be heavy loss for the people whose jobs will be replaced by the Commercial Drones . The technology is still under construction so we cannot estimate the exact cost . Increment in Drones technology will also make it easier for the government to spy on us. People are afraid that usage of Commercial drones might interfere with their private lives. Society might not feel very secure ,seeing that thing looking at them . So the technology does have some costs . But when you compare it with the overall benefits the benefits definitely takes precedence.
The commercial drones are grandchild of the drones. Which has been in use for long time. The first drone (Also called UAV unmanned Ariel Vehicle) was built right after the world war 1 . It was named as “Aerial Target” . it was built in the 1916 . Soon after on September 12 , the Hewit-Sperry Automatic airplane also known as “flying bomb made his first appearance. Those drones were...

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