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Technology Based High School Essay

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Vision a high school student, sitting in class, listening to a lecture. He is bored out of his mind until he is able to open his own lab top computer and pull up pictures, articles, and facts about the topic being discussed in class. He is instantly interested and engaged in the subject. Technology is used all around the world and it is essential to be able to use effectively. By lending each student their own computer, the school is able to present regular class materials in appealing and time saving ways. Therefore, the most effective approach to preparing high school students for their future in the real world is through technology.Whether the business is McDonalds or Travelers, technology plays a significant role in all careers. It is widely used by banks for account management and by stores for keeping records of sales and inventory. Computers are also necessary for interpreting data from a patient's history and determining what treatment to prescribe the patient. By bringing technology into the high school, the school will be providing each student with the basic skills they are going to need when the student starts his/her first job out of high school.Technology is a crucial studying tool that makes it easier for many people to learn subjects from mathematics to language skills. Dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases that a student can access from his own computer can be a definite advantage. For example, instead of looking for a particular county and simply finding out where it is in a regular atlas, students can type in the name of that country, and not...

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