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Technology Beneficial On Humanity Essay

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Although there are negatives with us using technology, the positives overshadow them. Technology blesses us with live news coverage, helps us with everyday tasks and gives us quick reliable sources. Technology is a huge benefit on humanity as long as we limit our amount of time using it. Society needs to appreciate and use the technology we have without abusing it.
Technology allows us to know what is happening, the very second it’s happening ( Technology Changing The World 3). One example is September 11, 2001, Americans were able to know that we were under attack by terrorist and were also able to witness the second plane hit the World Trade Center. Americans were able to view the event on television and online; technology gave us the privilege of knowing and viewing the attack live. Other examples include nationwide gripping stories; O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin case. These stories catch our attention and we want to know the latest in the case. Video of O.J. Simpson’s car chase interrupted a live football game coverage, this made the case more appealing to Americans. We wanted to know if he would be found guilty or not guilty. The Casey Anthony case is one of the biggest cases against a mother. Most Americans including moms thought she should have been found guilty for the killing of her baby. George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin was made such a big case because racial tension may have been involved. George Zimmerman was a member of the neighborhood watch program and Trayvon Martin was a unarmed high school student walking through the neighborhood. The main reason that the case gained such popularity was that the killing seemed to be racial profiling and also got very political. The decision of the jury finding George Zimmerman not guilty only made the case bigger especially Zimmerman's actions after the case, getting arrested for DUI (driving the influence) and having an altercation with his girlfriend that involved him having a gun. Stories like these make it great to have technology because we are able to know the latest from wherever we are.
One more benefit of technology is that it helps us with everyday tasks such as homework, learning new recipes and also learning to do something new. We get to use technology with homework to help us with questions we don’t understand or just check our answer. Recipes are easy to find and learn by going to online cooking websites. If you see the food network and want to try a recipe you saw all you have to do is go online and find it. You are also able to share recipes with the world and spread food culture all over the world. With technology you can learn how to make restaurant recipes from home. For instance if you love the breadsticks from Olive Garden, you can go online and find the recipe in the comfort of your home. We can learn anything and everything from technology. If we don’t know how to do something, most of the time we use google or youtube to...

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