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Technology Changes Essay

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Lately there has been much controversy as to whether technology has changed society’s way of life.America has become extremely dependent on technology.Although technology benefited our lives with such things as being able to shop online,providing advance education methods,and health advancements,it has also hurt us by products being made by machines,some people can’t live without technology,and children are not socializing they should with others.
According to Derek under General,searching for products is easier online.You can more easily access items,and while something may have ran out of stock at a particular stores,you can still see it online.(My New Choice,1). Jane Sheeba says, not just shopping, but with listening to music, playing game,watch movies, reading books-everything is done either in front of a computer or by holding some device or a gadget in our hands. (Technologies Advancement:How Technology has changed our lives (In A Bad Way), 2). Another huge plus of shopping online is not having to battle the hordes; crowds can be a real nuisance when you are out shopping, they slow you down and prevent you accessing the good deals.The reason that shopping online is cheaper is because it cuts out the overhead of running a store:rent, electricity,utility bills, paychecks for employees, and maintenance cost. (How shopping online has changed the way we shop, 1) “That means you can buy things online on sites for much lower prices like Amazon,Overstock,Ebay and other retail stores.That also means items that you can't find in stores can be found online.”
Although our technology has been advancing, students have been increase their learning experience. Instead of opposing this change in our children's learning style, schools are embracing technological advances as a way to empower children in educational environments. Writing Project, found that roughly 75 percent of nearly 2,500 teachers agreed that the Internet and search engines have a "mostly positive" impact of student research skills.(Children and Technology:The good, the bad, and the ugly, 1) Another way that educators are using new technology is by taking advantage of the Internet.Henry Jay Becker,conducted a massive study of teacher habits focusing most specifically on how they are using the internet. He found that teachers are using email and texting as a means of communicating with students and parents they’re using social media as well.Technological changes isn’t limited to just children,of course,college educators and students are being impact as well.Universities now offer degrees online and student/instructor interaction via the internet are now the norm.(How Technology is changing education,1). Todays education has been helping students better understand the way they learn in a classroom.
The most important benefit of technology is that it has changed it has affected a person's health in a positive way.According to Tyrown Brown,our lives will never be the same again after the...

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