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Technology Controls Us Essay

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People nowadays are surrounded by technology. We can’t live without it. And we are
heavily relying on it every day. We would feel painful if no digital devices. In the past, we are
mostly influenced by the people in our community. Through Technology, we are now easily
influenced by the people in the whole world. Technology gives us convenience and helps us
to do work faster. Without a doubt technology gives us many benefits. However, Technology
also brings people with negative impact. We are living in a parallel world. When you are
gaining something, something will be losing from you. As we are focusing on our digital
devices all the time, we will not be aware of what we are losing. Technology takes away our
valuable things: Freedom, our time with family and friends, our true self and communication
skills. Because of the technology, we seem not be able to control ourselves. Technology is
too attractive to us. People are unconsciously loosing self-management and empowered by
Surveillance cameras cause people to automatically behave well in the public. The
purpose of setting up surveillance cameras is for watching people’s behaviors and leaving as
evidence when something illegal action happens. There are many “eyes” around us in the
street. Citizens are monitored all the time. As people cannot escape from surveillance
cameras, we should have consciousness of what we are doing and automatically behave well.

In other words, people are forced to behave well in front of cameras so as not to get
suspicious by police or other people. In the book “1984”, Orwell states that “not to let one’s
feelings appear in one’s face was a habit that has acquired the status of an instinct, and in
any case they had been standing straight in front of a telescreen when the things happened.”

(106) It shows that everyone should have self control in front of cameras. And it also proves
that people may not be able to do what they want in front of cameras. According to a
research in “Zintro”, “through experiment, employee’s behavior improve in front of
surveillance cameras because they don’t do bad practice anymore and put effort in their
work.” As a result, surveillance cameras takes a role to warn people that you cannot do
something improperly and it means people lost freedom.
With the advancement of digital devices, people are uncontrollable to be isolated to
each other. People nowadays love communicating with people through digital devices. As we
work with technology can help us to do a lot of things, people get less face-to-face
interactions with each other. Technology is really attractive to people. When we walk outside,

many people are focusing on their smartphone to text messages or surfing on the internet.
Technology is bringing us away from the physical world. According to a Kaiser Family
Foundation study, “young people are now spending more than 7.5 hours a day to use digital
devices when...

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