Technology Creates An Unhealthy Environment English I Research Paper

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Technology Creates an Unhealthy Environment
Albert Einstein is credited to declaring these words, “I fear that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” This quote has become immensely popular on the Internet, accompanied by images showing young people transfixed by smartphones or other electronic devices (Emery). Technology is all around mankind; from self-driving cars to new the iPhone X by Apple. The use of technology has helped make lives more manageable and help humans become more productive. However, there are many drawbacks to using too much technology or certain types of technology. Common people are more than likely to check on their phone as soon as they wake up. Technology has left adults and adolescents vulnerable to “Google” information, procrastinate, and create less intimate relationships.
Google and other search engines have changed the way people use the Internet. People are more reliant on search engines; knowing that the answers to their questions are clicks away. Daniel Wegner, a Harvard social psychologist, conducted the study, “Google Effect on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips.” In this study, when people have access to search engines, they remember fewer facts and less information because they know they can simply “search” as a readily available shortcut (Bloom). Cell phones have become the main location to store phone numbers. The Global Positioning System (GPS) in cars remove the need to memorize directions. “Wegner points out that we never have to stretch our memories too far to remember the name of an obscure movie actor or the capital of Kyrgyzstan—we just type our questions into Google” (Boom). “We become part of the Internet in a way,” Wegner says. “We become part of the system and we end up trusting it” (Bloom). The use of technology creates a lackadaisical environment for individuals using them. Soon, humans will not need to put effort into remembering facts pertaining to the curriculum.
Progression of technology has skyrocketed in the past half century; the modern smartphone has more capabilities than the computer the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used to send men to the moon. Cell phones are so powerful students tend to procrastinate and substitute phones over studying. Rob Callender is the Director of Insights for Teenage Research Unlimited, he says, “[Texting] is a form of silent communications; the [teens] can do it whenever, they can do it fairly secretively.” Information from reports, “…text messaging is how it may contribute to increasingly poor spelling and writing skills in youth. Because texting uses intentionally misspelled words, nonstandard abbreviations, letter substitutions, and little or no punctuation, some educators believe it encourages poor literacy and a blunt, choppy style with academic rigor.” Smartphone users...

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