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Even though technology creates jobs and makes people's lives easier, people have become overly dependent on technology. Because of this dependency, people are engaged in indiscriminate spending, pulling away from face to face communication, and using their power of memory less and less. One of the more major problems is indiscriminate spending.

Indiscriminate spending is a big problem when shopping online. For example, when people are shopping online for Christmas, they buy the things they planned to get, but see things that they think they have to own. This is called impulse buying. It is very easy to impulse buy when shopping on the internet especially when the person has a credit card. When they see the thing they think they have to own, be it new clothes or shoes or a movie or a video game, they get excited and add it to their cart. The only thing they have to do now is type in their credit card number and address then wait for it to arrive in the mail. When it arrives some people still feel the excitement when they bought it. Some other people though, might not feel as excited as they did when they bought it and might even ask themselves why they even bought it. The impulse buying and the excitement can also lead to spending too much. This is also a real easy but bad situation to get into. For instance, if someone has a credit card that can only spend as much that is in their account, they can buy and buy until their account has nothing in it, then they realize they also have bills to pay and have to wait until the next payday. Indiscriminate spending is not the only way the internet and technology are taking over. The dependency of technology is ruining face to face communication.

Face to face communication is fading because of the dependency of technology. For example have you ever walked into a store and there are people who are on their phones, or texting and run into people because they are not paying attention to their surroundings. Those are the people who rely on technology for communication. Those people are also more likely to cause an accident if they talk or text and drive at the same time. These people will also lose out on life experiences. When these people walk down the street they ignore everybody but the person they are talking to on the phone. What if somebody needed help because their grocery bag split open and one of these people walked by and did not do anything to help. If one of those people helped maybe the other person would teach them a few things about life. Another example of how people are communicating face to face less is people who play online games, World of Warcraft mainly. These types of games get so addicting, especially World of Warcraft, that it actually ruins lives. They have made several documentaries about this online gaming community. It starts out just fine you know, people seeing adds on TV for this game and wanting to try it out. They do and immediately it grabs them in and eventually that’s...

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