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Technology Advancement In Work Force Education

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Historically, workforce training and development methods consistently provide the best training to individuals over all of their instructional methods. Where market forces prevail, so does the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs. As technology advances, so has the training methods used by workforce educators. Increasingly, companies are turning to technology to improve the knowledge and skills of their workforce. Multimedia packages, Electronic Classrooms, World Wide Web (WWW), Intranets, Computer-Based Training/ Computer-Based Education (CBT/CBE), Interactive Course Ware (ICW), and Advanced Distance Learning (ADL) are just some examples of how companies are currently employing technology in workforce education and development. Many factors must be considered before determining which method(s) are best suited for specific types of instruction.MethodResearch for this paper was accomplished through investigation of sources in published reviewed articles, journals, and periodicals. Specific sources were the online Morris library at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and the Kitsap County Regional library.DiscussionThe primary goal of workforce training programs is to develop needed worker skills and knowledge at the lowest cost to the company; thus, ultimately increasing worker productivity and Return on Investment (ROI). Recent trends in workforce education indicate a shift from traditional methods of instruction to total re3liance on technology-based methods. Technology affords the delivery of cost-effective training to large groups of employees, whether in-house or through distance leaning. Where instructor and curriculum inconsistencies in traditional methods of training have adversely affected student learning, technology brings consistency and credibility to training programs.Incorporating technology into workforce education programs brings with it the responsibility to use it wisely. The diversity of needed skills and knowledge in the market place is large. Where technology might effectively communicate desired outcomes in one particular skill, it might fail in another. Curriculum developers and trainers need to objectively look at course performance objectives and identify the best way to meet those objectives before incorporating technology in the classroom.The use of technology in training does not fully consider the human learning experience. Students can read information displayed on a computer monitor, hear the program commentator describe a particular process or idea, and watch a video demonstration. In regards to Dale's Cone of Learning, they will retain approximately 50% of the required knowledge once they complete the course. How much will they retain after three weeks? Months? Learning is a process that occurs best when students interact with others and practice the concepts and ideas presented in class. Practice during learning also allows students a chance to apply new knowledge and skills in their...

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