Technology Devlopments Over Time. Essay

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Technology DevelopmentsScientific and technological developments have real and direct effects on everyperson's life. Some effects are desirable; others are not. Some of the desirableeffects may have undesirable side effects. In essence, there seems to be atrade-off principle working in which gains are accompanied by losses.Example:As our society continues to increase its demands on energy consumption andconsumer goods, we are likely to attain a higher standard of living whileallowing further deterioration of the environment to occur.Today, we are often told, we live not simply in an age of information, but in anage of excessive information. The amount and availability of information seem tobe increasing at an exponential rate. We feel that our entire world is moving,changing, mutating, at an accelerated pace. Our interactions with this world ofinformation seem plagued by an increasing sense that we cannot keep up, can'ttake it all in, that we are being overwhelmed by information, deluged by data:the sense of an information overload.One of the first attempts to represent this kind of information overload appearsin Ted Mooney's 1981 novel, Easy Travel to Other Planets. There, Mooneydescribes A Case of Information Sickness in the following terms:If information was once considered the solid ground, the factual basis, on whichto make decisions and take actions, it no longer seems to be so. Indeed,information no longer seems to be solid at all. Not only does it not provide agrounding, a foundation, from which to see, know, or act, it comes to be seen asobscuring our vision, our attempts at knowledge, our ability to control theforces of the world. Information, it might be argued, has become precisely whatall that is solid melts into. Information flows; it spreads; it dissolves allboundaries, all attempts to contain it. Thus, it is hardly surprising that weincreasingly feel ourselves enveloped by a rising tide of information, immersedwithin it, feeling at once exhilarated and overwhelmed. Whether we figure it asgaseous or liquid--an atmosphere or an ocean, smog or muck, a cloud of chargedplasma or an electromagnetic wave--we seem, almost...

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