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Life today was much different from life thousands of years ago. People back then had to solve problems in order to survive, and we have to solve problems to make decisions that usually don’t affect our wellbeing. The first humans made tools to make their lives easier, but now we use technology to do things quicker and more effectively. Our society has changed drastically as a result of technology.

What is technology?
Technology uses the laws of nature to create new devices to solve problems and make life easier. While science studies the laws of nature, technology takes it one step further, and creates tools that adapt nature to our needs. The first pieces of technology were simple machines and they are still used in many things today. After technology evolved, it slowly became a part of our lives and today we live in a technological society. Many problems became easy to solve, and as a result, life was slowly made easier. Many things can be put in the category of technology, but they all affect different sectors. Some people think of technology as electronics and things like the automobile without considering the very first technologies. The car uses a wheel and axle, which was one of the first pieces of technology.

How does it affect us daily?
Now technology is far from being perfect, but it has come a long way and affects our society greatly. A person living in a developed country today has a far more advanced lifestyle than the first human beings. Different sectors were vastly changed by technology. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals have become more effective, and we know how to cure diseases that were deadly a long time ago. People also know what foods are healthy through research. As a result, the average lifespan has increased from about 33 years to 67.2 years. The transportation sector has also been changed. Horse-drawn carriages were considered obsolete when the automobile was invented, and we don’t even have to be contained to travelling around the world, because we can even go into outer space, which was pretty much a...

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