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Technology: Handy Or Harmful? Essay

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“Goal!” The fans rise in celebration as the ball crosses the line. Or does it? The ball was just over the line according to the referee. However, technology says otherwise. Over the years, there have been many controversial calls in all sports. Human referees have always made mistakes. It has been debated whether technology should take over refereeing. Some argue that technology will improve the accuracy of calls in sports, while others claim that it will remove from the human aspect in sports. Technology should not be used instead of referees in sports, because it is costly to operate, occupies more time during matches, and takes away from the human element of sports.
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The fans come to cheer on their teams, not to wait for accurate decisions. Also, inaccurate rulings can make the game even more exciting for the fans, because it would create more talking points. Introducing technology to sports would result in frequent stoppages during games, and would take away from the excitement of the matches.
Although many argue that technology will make decisions in sports more accurate, it is believed that human error actually makes sports more exciting. Errors made by referees can create make games more engaging for viewers and fun to watch. Next, technology puts a lot of pressure on referees to make correct calls. Refereeing is a stressful job by itself, and technology would put more stress on referees. Fans, because of available technology, will begin to lose respect for referees if they make mistakes. In addition, sports are a human activity, and should remain this way. FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke says that, “we should trust and keep football as a human game” (“Goal-line…”). Also, introduction of technology into sports would “miss a huge opportunity to educate people about the role of uncertainty in science” (Pielke). Lastly, use of technology would increase the risk of hacking and fake video footage (Pielke). In conclusion, human error is an essential part of sports, and eliminating mistakes by introducing...

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