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Technology Helping Or Hindering Essay

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Imagine getting a text saying, “I’m sorry; it’s not working for me anymore.” You just got dumped over text message. You get a horrible feeling in your chest; you never got to see their face. There is some satisfactory to seeing if they had some remorse for it, but that never happened. People take advantage of the fact that you can avoid confrontation by using technology so they may not have to feel just as bad as that person you sent the text to. We love using technology now days, but it could be hindering more than it’s helping. It takes away so much human contact that so many desperately need. But it’s not really the bad guy in this whole thing.
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and depending on the situation, could be really bad. And then there’s you on the other side of the conversation so unaware of what you did to that person’s feelings, or you’re just letting the text do the ‘dirty work’ that you didn’t want to do.
Relationships could so easily go down the drain by something you accidently said over text, or you just didn’t want to say in person. But saying something over text that you’re too afraid to say in person is so unacceptable. What does that say about you as a person if you don’t have the guts to say it to their face? It leaves untied ends, and bridges half-way burned. In other words, you really don’t get over them as quickly and it leaves a mental scar. It’d be like a wound that isn’t getting treated. It’ll hurt and fester for a longer time than it should have, because you really don’t get closure from seeing a couple words on your phone screen.
Most people think it’s the technology’s fault for all this trouble. That wouldn’t make sense, these people are wrong. You can’t take an inanimate object that can’t think for itself in anyway, and put the blame on it. We don’t put the blame on ourselves, I think we might not want to be responsible for something that is causing a chain of bad things. But...

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