Technology Implementation Paper: Management Recommendation Report

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Technology Implementation Paper: Management Recommendation ReportFantasci Productions is looking at upgrading technologically through the purchase of new hardware and software that will enhance the company's ability to meet customer needs. Many within the organization feel that these technological changes are necessary in order to keep the company competitive. Others feel that it is an unneeded expense. In order to determine need and implement the changes successfully, management is presenting the following recommendations about the project, the implementation, the related training, and the support strategies for the change.Project PlansThe first step of the project is to determine the needs of the company to be able to provide for its customers. "Upgrading for the sake of upgrading is not a sound business strategy. However, continuing to use outdated technology could cost your business. Upgrading may advance your company's competitive position in the marketplace" (Kform, 2006, ¶ 5). For this precise reason, the upgrade plans need to be closely examined for the usefulness to the company compared to the cost. Everyone who will be affected by the upgrade needs to have some say in the project, including the technical team that will be installing the upgrade, the employees who will be utilizing the new program, and the customers whose service level will be affected by the new program. It is the recommendation of this team to start with customer surveys to determine what changes our clients desire out of the new program. Once this data has been examined to determine if the proposed software upgrades will meet the most desired changes of the clients, the technological team should be consulted to determine the feasibility of the new programs with our current hardware and the downtime that the company can expect during the installation. If the technological team confirms that the new software installation is feasible, the proposed changes should be presented to the staff that will be working with the new software for feedback. Due to the fact that these staff members work with the current technology everyday, consulting them may reveal some needed aspects that they company had not thought of. In addition, consulting the employees will help instill a feeling of empowerment among them and lessen resistance to learning the use of the new program. "Some people find it difficult to conceptualize - or envision - change on an organizational or even a departmental level" (Regan and O'Conner, 2002, p.364). By giving the employees a feeling of ownership in the project it will help them to take the time to recognize what the company wishes to accomplish and share in its vision.The next consideration before finalizing the approval of the new program is the resources needed and confirm that the necessary funds and time are within the company's possible budget. "Although an enterprise wants to implement change, plans may have to be compromised, postponed, or...

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