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Technology Improve The Learning Process Essay

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Technology is all around us, everywhere we look, and anywhere we go. Technology is prevalent in our daily lives, we need to incorpate it into our teaching and learning tecniques. We live in a “high-tech” world; therefore, students should learn with technology to insure that they have the necessary tools to be successful in this “high-tech” society and job market. The goal of a teacher is prepare their students for the “real world” because students will not be students forever. Technology not only enhance the students’ learning process, it also help teachers get their work done quickly and efficiently. Technology must be integrated into the learning curriculum in order to improve the ...view middle of the document...

Teachers should learn how to adopt to these changes, especially during this golden age of where informations are at the finger-tips of everyone. Therefore,teachers need to shift from a teacher-centered approach to a more student-centered learning approach (Keengwe 8).
Students like learning with computers. When students ae learning and having fun the same time, they will retend more information and at a greater rate. From personal experience, as a college student, students will likely have interesting facts convert to longterm memory more quickly. Since the passage of No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, schools are require to close the achievement gap among the students. Data from government stastics show that sixty-three percent of teachers have “high-speed internet access in their classrooms” ( ) The government is making an effort to increase students access to computer because of its clear benefit.
Without technology, distant and busy students will not have the benefit of taking online courses. Today’s college students experience the benefit of technology that made the course study more easy. Lecture halls are huge, it can hold over 500 students. With a large number of students taking the same course, it is very...

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