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To help improve academics at Jackson High School, the district should provide more technology in the classrooms. We should get iPads in every classroom that we have. We should also be able to use our cell phones. Technology has increased over the years and our school district should be up to date on its tools. There are several reasons for why we should get these devices in our classrooms.
One of the materials that we should get at our school is iPad’s. It would help us become more organized with all of our subjects. A freshman at a high school in Michigan said, “It’s helped us become more organized.” “We’re not losing papers. It’s all in our iPad.” (Smith). Students should be able to bring their own devices to school. It would help them become more organized and it would help them prepare for college. However, by doing this it could also save our school money. It would save our school money by not having to buy every student an iPad if they already own one. For instance, if every student had one they could not make up excuses for why they did not have their homework or essays complete. In a Michigan High School, a staff member said that the iPad program has allowed students to show more participation in lessons that they are learning. It also allowed her more time to teach the students and it had less time on management skills (Smith). It has even allowed teachers to assign class work, tests, and it helps students communicate with one another (Smith).
Secondly, our school should be able to have cell phone devices. It could allow students and teachers to have a planner to go by. It could also have reminders, polls, and blogs to help them (Davis). One staff member said “Cell phones can save us money. They are nearly ubiquitous and can alleviate some of the strain and cost of our infrastructure.” (Davis). Research shows new tools that are coming out in the future will be powerful and they will cost less for everyone (Hutinger). A media specialist named John Schumacher from Oak Brook, Illinois says that there are advantages of using cell phones in the classroom these days. He said he has his students look up QR codes and barcodes that are readable on phones (Staff). Students and teachers should be able to use social networking sites. For example, they could be rewarded and get on it in their free time or they could use it for school purposes. Our school should be able to trust us enough to be mature about what websites we get on. In high school we should already know right from wrong....

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